Landscape Design

Tips on Selecting Trees and Shrubs

--Is the plant you want reliably cold hardy in our area?
--Will the plants you purchase tolerate existing sun or shade patterns in your yard?
--Will the plants be installed in an area that gets sufficiently wet when it rains, or will irrigation be required? Are the plants sensitive to poor drainage?
--Is the appearance of the tree or shrub compatible with the long-term landscape goals? (Your choices include deciduous, narrow-leaved, and broad-leaved evergreens, etc?)
--Do the plants have attractive features such as interesting bark, flowers, fruit, habit, or winter interest, which increase their ornamental value?
--Will fruits cause maintenance problems, attract bees, stain sidewalks, etc.?
--Is the habit/form of the plant appropriate for the space available? (Is the mature form columnar, upright and spreading, low grinding, weeping, dwarf?)
--Does the tree or shrub fulfill the design purpose? (Provide the shade or form you planned on?)
--Is the tree or shrub susceptible to disease or insects that may cause future problems? If the answer is "yes", consider choosing resistant varieties, if available.
--How much maintenance does the tree or shrub require in order to remain vigorous and healthy?

--Contact our Certified Horticulturists and Landscape Designers to get answers to these or any questions!